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When asking for a meeting, please be careful to whether it is an Online or Physical meeting. You can see it after filling the « Select a subject » field, in the time-slot square. Thank you!

EmailTree AI comes as a solution to reply to customer requests in seconds and reinvent the customer experience with an intelligent end-to-end customer service automation. The conversational AI component generates personalised suggestions of answers for customer requests. We are using supervised learning techniques and a combination of AI, ML, NLP/NLU technologies to provide smart reply functions and an easy to use drag and drop interface to adjust and personalise previously learned replies. The automation component has the objective to automate repetitive tasks using rule-based actions provided by our platform or solve complex tasks and workflows across different platforms and legacy software through Robot Process Automation (RPA) technologies. Therefore, EmailTree AI acts as a virtual personal/employee assistant who will provide all the tools and functions to become efficient, productive and organised. From the customer requests understanding, intent detection, sentiment analysis, named entities recognition, input extractions for robots and tasks automation, our solution represents an all-in-one tool to make the customer service or support team extremely productive.

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EmailTree AI - Reply to emails in seconds!
EmailTree AI - Réinventer l'expérience client