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Anozr way

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To fill the human flaws, leading causes of 2 out of 3 attacks, and reduce their number, ANOZR WAY has developed its own artificial intelligence. It accurately reconstructs your co-worker’s digital footprint by embodying the cybercriminal and identifying attacks scenarios (phishing, ransomware, identity fraud, data leakage…) Our platform for protection and awareness of the dangers of the Internet based on a tailored diagnosis and giving customized advices. Each month, we analyse what a cybercriminal could know about your co-workers, the risks, and advices on what to do about it. This way, they could progress by their own while receiving a customized monitoring based on their use of internet. This process will help you to reduce attacks against your firm and due to humans’ flaws. ANOZR WAY makes each co-workers a strong player in cybersecurity!