AI for Finance 2021


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Modus3 offers an AI cloud-based platform that allows clients to streamline and monitor their whole Enterprise Governance operations, in real time. We also aim to become one of the first companies to fuse our AI Regtech/Fintech with Spacetech. Easy to implement, the M3 platform is built to connect with other applications to dramatically speed up everyday processes . Clients can also make regulatory and procedural process changes easily, accurately and with speed. An industry first for managing regulatory change. The platform is designed to easily connect with everyday business applications such as Salesforce, Temenos and DocuSign. By connecting all these systems to the platform, we synchronise the data and use it to automatically launch workflows, accessible across all departments to collaborate on. Some of these tasks are instantly self-executed by our "AI digital workforce" software. Finally, the platform then provides leadership team an unprecedented 360° overview of everyday operational performance such as workflow and task statistics and performance. All provided on the M3 centralised integrations platform.

MEDIAS Gallery

Salesforce integration with Modus3 platform - Invoice Processing User Case
DocuSign and Amazon Workdocs integrations with the Modus3 platform - SLA e-Signatory User Case