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Dathena was designed as the cornerstone of your Information System. By automatically classifying unstructured data and detecting Personal Information, it allows organizations to understand and visualise which data needs to be protected, with unprecedented accuracy and business-centric focus.   The combination of Information Risk expertise, Software Engineering and Data science is a unique approach, which makes Dathena a true data-centric cockpit for any CISO, CIO or DPO, delivering actionable KRIs to drive down the cost of data security : * Data Discovery et Classification – full visibility on what is and where is the most sensitive data within the company, with granularity and precision. Results are displayed in a sleek, dynamic interface. No manual labelling required. * Access Management – users, groups and folders at risk are clearly identified, driving a proactive, effective & reliable Access Management * Augmented Data Protection – out-of-the-box protection rules to drastically boost the efficiency of existing tools such as AIP or Forcepoint * Cloud migration enabler – empowers organizations to finally migrate data and adopt Digital Workplaces on a risk-based approach Dathena is a 2018 Gartner's Cool Vendor in Artificial Intelligence and in Data and Application Security as well as Forbes' 20 Best Cybersecurity Startups to Watch in 2020.

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